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How do I purchase a plan?

Purchasing a plan is easy - and it only takes a few minutes to deal with:

  1. Discuss your wishes with your Funeral Director, who will calculate the plan price.
  2. Choose whether to make a single payment or, if you prefer to pay by instalments, decide over what period (up to five years).
  3. Do you have any questions? If so please contact your Funeral Director.
  4. Give your application form to your Funeral Director, or send it to Funeral Planning Services, together with a cheque for either the full amount or the first instalment (you will receive a banker’s order form to cover the remaining payments). Please make your cheque payable to Funeral Planning Trust so that your payment goes directly into the trust fund. Please do not send cash in the post.

“I am so glad it has all been settled. It really is a weight off my mind.”

Advantages of buy a funeral plan

Frequently asked questions & Answers

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